Golf Trophy

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Note: The pen-holder does not include a pen.

Above inscriptions are only samples and can be customised to suit any occasion. All golf balls are Actual Real World Size.This price includes one free inscription.

Gameball Awards Gives You Your Personalised Golf Gifts
Trophies and Awards

Our maple and walnut golf trophies and pen holders are made in Ireland by talented craftsmen. With no other company doing exactly what we’re doing, you can rest assured knowing your star player is getting a truly special and rare gift.

This visually impressive range offers the best for your club’s top golf player, or for a dedicated committee member who has given many years of hard work to your club. These prizes also allow for unlimited inscriptions because they are 100 per cent made of wood.

Below are a few extra gift suggestions for this range:

  • To mark memorable victories.
  • As unique gift ideas for retired golfers, displaying personalised inscriptions of their sporting life.
  • For a memorial or tribute to someone who has passed away, a family could place this ball at their loved ones place of rest.
  • Sporty families could record family events, such as children’s names and dates of birth on the ball, and pass it down through the generations as a family heirloom.
  • For special birthday gifts.