gives you your personalised Wedding Gifts, Retirement Gifts and Birthday Presents

Gameball offers a wide selection of wood-crafted, Irish-made personalised gifts for your special occasion.
Our products can be used to help you celebrate the important days in your life and in the lives of the people you love, like wedding anniversaries, Bar Mitvahs, retirements, jubilees and more. Browse our photo gallery to whet your appetite for stunning one-off gift ideas that are sure to impress.

Gameball inscribes Wedding Gifts, Retirement Gifts and Birthday Presents

Our stunning and meticulously crafted trophies can be engraved with special wishes and messages, which beautifully capture that special time you want to remember. We are rigorous about providing our customers with efficient, prompt and reliable service and welcome suggestions for new ideas for gifts and trophies.

Contact with your ideas for Wedding Gifts, Retirement Gifts and Birthday Presents

If you love the look of our products but aren’t sure which one to choose, please contact us so we can use our experience dealing with our customers to advise you. Why not make the most of our experience working with sporting clubs, family members and friends? We know you want a special gift that can be treasured by the person who plays an important role in your organization or life, so why not let us support you in your choice.