Custom Awards and Trophies

If you want a one-off trophy as a prize for something that may be unrelated to sports, we can make it for you. With talented wood-crafters passionate about creating stunning pieces, we can work with your specifications and design ideas to create exactly what you have in mind. Or we can suggest a design for you, if you’d prefer.

From our workshop in the South East of Ireland, we use top-quality wood and are the only company doing what we’re doing – which guarantees a rare end-product that is sure to please.

Wooden Award Trophies

If you are looking for customised ball wooden trophies to be created then please send us an email or contact us here. They can be inscribed with major achievements, such as player of the year, names, dates, birthday wishes, wedding wishes – making every ball unique.


Here are some samples of previous awards:


Some photos of our trophies in action: